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Board of Directors


Jim Montgomery

Jim is the proud pet Dad of Auzzi, Claire, Sage, Tisket  and Yoshi.


He is a past member of the Board of Directors at Lucky Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs, where he held the responsibility of recruiting and training the volunteer staff.  In a trainer capacity, he worked with the dogs on intake evals, training and development of protocols for rehabilitation of the animals.   Jim also completed an apprenticeship dog training program with Lucky Dog Training focusing on behavioral characteristics of surrendered animals and rehabilitation of fearful or reactive behaviors.  Over the years, he has provided foster care and training for numerous homeless pets.


Jim’s vocational career has been in the information security field for 25 years. Over the past 11 years, he has worked as a Solution Architect providing security solutions to F500 Data Center and end user environments.  Jim’s professional experience includes working as a technical advisor, senior sales engineer, technical account manager, and as a specialist in networking and business operating systems solutions.

Vice President

Sandi is the proud pet Mom of Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  Cinnamon is a Lemon Beagle and Nutmeg is a Beagle/Dachshund mix.  Both are rescued pets.  Sandi, Mike’s sister, has been a dog owner for most of her life.  Nearly all were rescues.


Sandi has always offered her talents and expertise in giving back to the community.  She has volunteered whenever needed at locally organized fundraising events to help nonprofit organizations and participates regularly with “Feed the Needy”, Many Mansions (transitional housing), and My Stuff Bags Foundation (abused and neglected children).  Sandi was always an active community “Mom” while volunteering for school PTAs and Little League.


Sandi is a mother of three grown children and has four grandchildren.  Her professional career spans over 40 years in accounting, marketing, business and administration.  Her diversified background includes business management, client communications, office management, and a proficiency in QuickBooks.

Sandi  (Kudo) Strong


Miyuki Holste

Miyuki's Professional career spanned 35 years leading accounting departments of national and international real estate investment and management firms.

Miyuki has served on the boards of two churches as well as a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides education for vulnerable children and medical services to remote communities in Uganda. she has volunteered with numerous causes such as Alzheimer's Association, Habitat for Humanity, Congregations for the Homeless, Vacation Bible School and Tomodachi Cafe (serving elderly Japanese-Americans) Her heart is in helping the elderly and she is a proponent of bringing canine friends to visit shut-ins to brighten their spirits.


Stacy Hutchcraft

Stacy recently relocated from Colorado to Florida, where she has dreamed of living for years.  She still dedicates her professional skills to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, a successful nonprofit based in Denver whose mission it is to significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome.  Working from home in Florida lets her spend plenty of time with Beth, an elderly Rottweiler mix rescued from New Mexico. She has had dogs most of her life and can't imagine being without one or two. 


Stacy has worked as an accountant for several years, and in her free time loves to read, watch movies, bake, and just enjoy the Florida outdoors with Beth, and her husband, Chris.


Gail Kudo

Animals have been a part of my whole life. From my earliest beginnings, I remember having a dog or cat amongst our family, always. Unfortunately, where my parents lived, many many cat owners did not neuter or spay. There were always feral cats that they took care of. I carried their values into my adult life and my two children adore and love animals too.
Our furry family are always just that.. family. Their comfort and well being are paramount to us.

While raising Chad and Kristin, we had a menagerie of animals.. from snakes, birds, to tortoises and beyond. We had a chicken named Henrietta who thought she was a dog! In fact, our Weimaraner named Sunshine loved Henrietta. They were pals and Henrietta would jump onto Sunshines back and ride around our back yard.

I remember wanting to help the Humane Society by fostering pregnant moms until their liters were born. This one doggie actually had her liter the day before I was going to pick her up. I ended coming home with the mom and the pups.

My love for animals runs very deep. My passion for humane treatment of all animals goes hand in hand with supporting the Michael I Kudo Foundation.

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