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Dear Friends,

As 2020 comes to a close, we mark the first full year of operation for the Michael I Kudo Foundation. The idea was a simple one; provide assistance to Beagles, the breed that found a way into Mike’s heart by way of Bogey the beagle, and honor our late brother Mike.  We are really pleased with our first year’s results.

Listed below are the details of the organizations we have provided grants to.

Animal Care Assistance Program (ACAP)

ACAP offers funding to low-income pet owners in rural Central Virginia and surrounding counties. They help people obtain veterinary care and medications for their pets. Unforeseen medical expenses can become a real burden on owners and is a leading cause of surrender or abandonment.

The Michael I Kudo Foundation provided funding to support their Sanctuary Program that provides foster care to special-needs beagles. Their  medical care through 2021 includes annual wellness checks, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, de-wormers, heartworm treatment, two anticipated dental procedures, and some ongoing required medications.

Some of their current sanctuary residents are:


Baxter has been at the sanctuary several years after episodes of biting multiple people.  He may snap if you approach him but on his terms, is very sweet.  Given his history, he was determined “unadoptable”. He loves spending his days exploring and digging at the sanctuary.  He had a tumor on his toe removed previously but is in good health and currently only needs routine maintenance.      




Pup Pup is an older timid boy.  He was hanging out on someone’s property and ACAP was contacted by someone trying to catch him for several months.  With a little guidance, the person was able to lure him in with treats and he came to the sanctuary.  After a few years, he is much more approachable now but he’s been loving the sanctuary for so long, he calls it home.  He had a tumor in his mouth removed, but is not on any medications and only needs routine maintenance.




Millie is an older semi-feral beagle who came from the Louisa Shelter a few years ago.  Given her dislike of being approached, it was difficult to find her a home.  She enjoys all her beagle friends.  She’s probably in her teens now but healthy and active and only needs routine maintenance.


Hunter was kept in a crate for his first three years and tormented by a disabled child.  His rescuer asked ACAP to take him in.  He has a bite history and is very leery of strangers, especially men making him not a good candidate for adoption.  He loves to run at the sanctuary and has done very well here for the past few years.  He has no medical needs other than routine maintenance.




Hannah is a true feral who was born into a pack at the county’s dump and trapped. She has adjusted to the sanctuary and loves her current pack but she does not want to be touched.  She has learned to come inside out of the weather and get food.  She is given all the freedom she wants but she could never be socialized enough for adoption. She has been at the sanctuary for three years.




Squintz was pulled by ACAP with two other senior beagles, one being Ralphie and the other since passed.  Squintz had most of his teeth pulled.  He’s probably in his teens and is on meds for arthritis.  He has no other medical issues.  



We estimate Ralphie to be about 15 years old and suspect he had a minor stroke a few years ago.  He is on meds for arthritis and seems to have some cognitive decline. He has been happy and doing well at the sanctuary with his pack



Pearl is an older gal who had many mammary tumors removed and some complications from surgery.  She has cancer but remains active and loves running at the sanctuary.  Given her medical status, she has remained living at the sanctuary and loves it. 





Irene is our newest addition, only having been here a few weeks.  She has a large hernia and another mass.  A mammary tumor was already removed.  She is also heartworm positive and still needs completion of treatment as well as a large mass removed on her chest.  She may need a hernia repair and dental. 







Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR)

AZBR works in cooperation with animal shelters and humane agencies throughout AZ to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals by providing foster homes, veterinary services and training for all of the beagles in their care. AZBR offers breed specific resources and training referrals to promote lifelong relationships between beagles and their companions.

Our Foundation provided resources to assist with training of behaviorally challenged individuals. In any rescue you often come across animals that have come from difficult or abusive environments. This can severely impact the dog and manifest itself in various undesirable behaviors, making adoption a challenge for the organization and the adoptees/adopters. If the problems are not resolved prior to placing the individual it can lead to the animal re-entering the system or in the worst case, be dangerous to the adoptive family. The goal is to provide the dog with the support and training to eliminate the behaviors and help him or her become a better canine citizen and ready for adoption into their forever home. (forever is always the goal!)


Beagle Rescue, Education & Welfare of Northern Virginia (BREW)

BREW is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing beagles. The main focus is beagles in shelters that are faced with imminent euthanasia. BREW works with shelters and animal control facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. They adopt beagles to local families and have also placed beagles in homes in VA, MD, WV, DC, PA, DE, NY, NJ, and MA to name a few.

Our Funding provided BREW additional resources to assist in their vetting process which has seen some significant changes in 2019/2020.  The intake of senior/geriatric and compromised beagles has more than doubled over 2019. BREW’s adoption fee does not cover the basic medical exam and services they provide to every beagle, let alone the extended services deemed necessary for the many older and compromised beagles being accepted by BREW. BREW provides the following medical care to all of their adult beagles: spay/neuter, rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, leptospirosis vaccines, Snap 4DX test, fecal test, and microchip implant. BREW also provides any treatment deemed necessary by their veterinarians, such as lump removal, dentals, and of course treatment for any positive test results.

We are proud to partner in the care and wellbeing of the pups BREW is rescuing!


Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation

The mission of Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation is to rescue, foster, rehabilitate and place as many distressed beagles as possible. Traditionally known as beloved family pets, they not only fill homes with love but have and can be used to help those who live alone find companionship.

All of their dogs are pre-screened for behavior, temperament, and health conditions prior to placement in a forever home. Additionally, their dogs are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and provided current vaccines.

Here is a list of some of the dogs in need at the time of their application:


Mudslide, $700  will need dental

Haiti, $700 phenobarbital 3/day for seizures, needs dental

Basho, $3000  orthopedic surgery

Morticia, $1000 mass removal, hernia repair, dental

Tranquility, $1000 hernia repair and dental

Wednesday, $800 parvo treatment, basic vetting, spay

Damien, $800 parvo treatment, basic vetting, neuter

Foxtrot, $1000 tumor removal, hernia repair, ear infection, dental

Wick, Apricot, Odin, Marvin, Hocus, Pocus, $200-$300 each basic vetting

Sebastian, 15 years old, had 27 teeth removed, has a heart murmur and possibly dementia


Sad to know that there are so many animals in need and in pain due to preventable and correctable conditions. The Michael I Kudo Foundation is proud to partner with The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation assisting with their medical expense needs.


Southeast Beagle Rescue

The SouthEast Beagle Rescue Inc is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding new loving homes for unwanted, abandoned and abused Beagles and Beagle mixed dogs.  They strive to reduce pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering our Beagles prior to adoption and by providing resources to the community for information on the Beagle breed.

Their funding request was for help with the high volume of heartworm positive cases they intake. According to the rescue at least half of the animals they rescue are heartworm positive. Treatment, while very reasonable at about $250 is only a portion of the veterinary expense per pup and is not fully  covered by the adoption fees. Since the organization rescues about 200 animals per year these additional costs really add up!

Our contribution is targeted at directly offsetting the additional expense of heartworm. We are also partnering with them to create a PSA about the causes, treatment and prevention of heartworm disease.


To all of you who contributed to the Michael I Kudo Foundation, we thank you for your support! We strive to be good stewards on your behalf and to help fund very deserving and hard-working organizations. Please considering supporting us in 2021 as the need is truly great and the opportunities endless to make a difference in a Beagle’s life!

To all of the Organizations we supported this year and will support in the future, Keep up the good fight! These animals are seeing relief and healing because of you!

Warm regards and best wishes in 2021!

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